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Anti-CD98 Antibody (Rabbit Polyclonal antibody) General Information

Product name
Anti-CD98 Antibody
Species reactivity
Reacts with: Mouse
Mouse CD98
Recombinant Mouse SLC3A2 protein (Catalog#50813-M07H)
Produced in rabbits immunized with purified, recombinant Mouse SLC3A2 (rM SLC3A2; Catalog#50813-M07H; NP_001154885.1; Ala 139-Ala 565). SLC3A2 specific IgG was purified by Mouse SLC3A2 affinity chromatography.
Polyclonal Rabbit IgG
Protein A & Antigen Affinity
0.2 μm filtered solution in PBS
This antibody is shipped as liquid solution at ambient temperature. Upon receipt, store it immediately at the temperature recommended below.
This antibody can be stored at 2℃-8℃ for one month without detectable loss of activity. Antibody products are stable for twelve months from date of receipt when stored at -20℃ to -80℃. Preservative-Free. Avoid repeated freeze-thaw cycles.

Anti-CD98 Antibody (Rabbit Polyclonal antibody) Validated Applications

Application Dilution Notes
WB 1:500-1:1000  
ELISA 1:25000-1:50000  
IHC-P 1:1000-1:5000  

**********Please Note: Optimal concentrations/dilutions should be determined by the end user.**********

Anti-CD98 Antibody (Rabbit Polyclonal antibody) Images

Mouse CD98/SLC3A2/4F2HC Immunohistochemistry(IHC) 3180
Immunochemical staining of mouse SLC3A2 in mouse kidney with rabbit polyclonal antibody at 1:2500 dilution, formalin-fixed paraffin embedded sections. Positive staining was localized to nephric tubule. The left panel: tissue incubated with primary antibody; The right panel: tissue incubated with the mixture of primary antibody and antigen (recombinant protein).
Mouse CD98/SLC3A2/4F2HC Western blot (WB) 6788

Anti-SLC3A2 rabbit polyclonal antibody at 1:500 dilution.

Lane A: K562 Membrane Lysate

Lysates/proteins at 20 ug per lane.


Goat Anti-Rabbit IgG H&L (Dylight800) at 1/10000 dilution.

Developed using the Odyssey technique.

Performed under reducing conditions.

Predicted band size:68 kDa

Observed band size:68 kDa

(We are unsure as to the identity of these extra bands.)

Anti-CD98 Antibody Alternative Names

Anti-4F2 Antibody;Anti-4F2HC Antibody;Anti-AI314110 Antibody;Anti-Cd98 Antibody;Anti-Ly-10 Antibody;Anti-Ly-m10 Antibody;Anti-Ly10 Antibody;Anti-Mdu1 Antibody;Anti-Mgp-2hc Antibody;Anti-NACAE Antibody

CD98 Background Information

4F2 cell-surface antigen heavy chain, also known as 4F2 heavy chain antigen, Lymphocyte activation antigen 4F2 large subunit, CD98, SLC3A2 and MDU1, is a single-pass type I I membrane protein which belongs to the SLC3A transporter family. SLC3A2 / MDU1 is expressed ubiquitously in all tissues tested with highest levels detected in kidney, placenta and testis and weakest level in thymus. During gestation, expression in the placenta is significantly stronger at full-term than at the mid-trimester stage. SLC3A2 / MDU1 is expressed in HUVECS and at low levels in resting peripheral blood T-lymphocytes and quiescent fibroblasts. It is expressed in fetal liver and in the astrocytic process of primary astrocytic gliomas. SLC3A2 / MDU1 is also expressed in retinal endothelial cells and in the intestinal epithelial cell line Caco2-BBE. SLC3A2 / MDU1 is required for the function of light chain amino-acid transporters. It involved in sodium-independent, high-affinity transport of large neutral amino acids such as phenylalanine, tyrosine, leucine, arginine and tryptophan. SLC3A2 / MDU1 is involved in guiding and targeting of LAT1 and LAT2 to the plasma membrane. When associated with SLC7A6 or SLC7A7, SLC3A2 / MDU1 acts as an arginine/glutamine exchanger, following an antiport mechanism for amino acid transport, influencing arginine release in exchange for extracellular amino acids. SLC3A2 / MDU1 plays a role in nitric oxide synthesis in human umbilical vein endothelial cells (HUVECs) via transport of L-arginine. It is required for normal and neoplastic cell growth. When associated with SLC7A5/LAT1, SLC3A2 / MDU1 is also involved in the transport of L-DOPA across the blood-brain barrier, and that of thyroid hormones triiodothyronine (T3) and thyroxine (T4) across the cell membrane in tissues such as placenta.
Full Name
solute carrier family 3 (amino acid transporter heavy chain), member 2
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  • Product Description Host Clonality Application Catalog# (PDF)
    Anti-CD98 Antibody Rabbit Monoclonal IHC-P 50813-R048
    Anti-CD98 Antibody Rabbit Monoclonal ELISA 50813-R021
    Anti-CD98 Antibody Rabbit Polyclonal ELISA 50813-RP01
    Anti-CD98 Antibody Rabbit Polyclonal ELISA,IHC-P,ICC/IF,IF 12206-T26
    Anti-CD98 Antibody Rabbit Polyclonal ELISA 12206-RP01
    Anti-CD98 Antibody Rabbit Polyclonal WB,ELISA,IHC-P,IP 12206-RP02
    Anti-CD98 Antibody Rabbit Monoclonal IHC-P 12206-R071
    Anti-CD98 Antibody Rabbit Monoclonal ELISA 12206-R065
    Anti-CD98 Antibody Mouse Monoclonal IHC-P 12206-MM04
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